April’s Mystery Mail reward // charms for … ?

… bookmarks or zipper pulls or backpacks or pendants or earrings or …. What would you do with charms if you had them? Kir made charms from inkjet shrink "paper"

These are made using white inkjet-ready shrink film. They are double sided! (Guess I need to work on video skills to show you that). I picked a bunch of scanned art, made a layout, printed that, cut them out, shrank them, sealed them …. I found the instructions at http://artistsalleyinfo.tumblr.com/post/17004939286/shrinky-dink-charms-tutorial very helpful!

They take a little while to do but once I got (most of?) the process quirks sorted out I think I can do more pretty easily. The green in the photo is a little lighter than it appears there. After I mailed these, I thought to make some cut ’round the dragons…

Please send suggestions for how to make them better! I’m especially open to sealers that would protect baked ink jet ink. Mod podge seems to stay slight tacky; I’ve got an acrylic that isn’t but is a little offgassy. Recommendations needed!

The download-and-color reward for April was a picnic dragon (both JPG and PDF) and working that particular image into something I liked was …educational!  The one for May (which just posted a few days ago) was much better and easier! June’s all scheduled too.