Tier Ideas: Tell me what you think, please!

It’s spring! Time for new things!

I’ve been thinking about adding some tiers. My ideas are below — please vote for anything you like or might suggest or send to a friend! And/or comment about names, contents, combinations—all your ideas are welcome. Also, remember; you can change your tiers whenever, going up or down as you feel like.

Possible New Tiers:

Sticker Club – monthly single sticker or sticker sheet, ~ 2.5″  4″ wide. Single stickers would be likely suitable for travel mugs, laptops. Sticker sheets might be better for journals. Estimate this tier as $8-$9/month to cover making, shipping. Would include Coffee (sketchbook) and Coloring as well.

Card Connoisseur  – different each month, a single blank card with envelope, for collecting, posting, or writing in. Would probably vary from the mini card to 4″x6″ note card (“invitation”) size to occasional 5″x7″ greeting card size.  I estimate this tier would also be $8-$9/month to cover making, shipping. Would include Coffee (sketchbook) and Coloring as well.

Tiny Dragon’s Hoard – combines sticker club and card collector. A little different from Mysteries Mailed in that you’d know what was coming. $10-12 maybe. (All sorts of fun things have been sent as Mysteries Mailed….)

Paper Treasures – receive an original drawing each month (maybe 11/12 months), maybe with an option to chose from a few different ones?  Something around $25 (sturdy shipping is a thing). Definitely on paper, usually pencil, more finished/complete than the sketch book pages. Size would vary, between trading card and 8×10″. Maybe posting several and letting patrons choose?

I look forward to your advice! Please comment below or head over to the patreon post where you can click on a response: https://www.patreon.com/posts/63728308

— kir

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