Patreon reward posted : coloring goodness // Nestling Oriole Dragon

Nesting Oriole Dragon (preview image, copyright K. Talmage)For my $3+ patrons, I posted a line drawing to download and color. It is in both PDF and JPG formats. If you’re not a patron yet, you can become one super-easily, and get one to color too!

It’s **another** Tiny Tin drawing, this one in honor of May, and migratory birds, and Operation Gaia, and wild goodness everywhere, patrons can color their own dragon nestling.

I don’t know why it hasn’t burned through this nest or tangled its claws. I don’t know if the dragon parent was a brood parasite like cowbirds, but on orioles, just repurposing the nest, or whether it built the oriole-style basket as camouflage (why would a dragon need to look like an oriole)?

I rely on you, O Clever Patrons + Friends, for the answers to these and other questions!