Coloring Goodness // the First Six Months (Feb – July 2018)

I realized recently that I’d posted for my Patrons the Coloring Goodness rewards—right, right, like I said I would. Stuff to download and color!

But of course some of you aren’t patrons at that level, and I thought I should share what you’ve been missing, in case you were wondering how much more fun you could have being a $3/month patron.

So here! Take a look at—and I hope you like!—some preview images of the colorable downloads posted in my first six months of being here on Patreon. I’m really loving this and thank you all for making this so worth doing.

February 2018 // Pouring Joe

March 2018 // Warm Place for a Nap

April 2018 // Picnic Reader

May 2018 // Nesting Oriole Dragon

June 2018 // Lacewing Mage

July 2018 // Surprised to Fly

(Yup, it seemed like a good idea to provide a partly colored one if I could… I don’t have this for all of them, so feel free to share your colored version with me! And let me know if I can use it 6 months from now when I share the next size months.)

If you become a patron now, all these downloads are still available! That may sometime change (though if you ever miss downloading one from a month you are a patron, I will be sure to send them to you somehow)(scurries off and checks backups..ok, that’s fine, now I’m back).

I hope you enjoy, get inspired, send me ideas, and all that!