Coloring Goodness Reward for March 2018

detail from an ink line drawing of a dragon resting in a candle holder

[** Update: downloads are archived after two months—or more—so for patrons have plenty of time to access them. I’m making the post public when i archive the downloads, though, so more people can see the idea and the process. Opinions welcome! —Kir, June 2019 **]

So here’s a mystical, magical, and mini-beastie for you!

My son made a copper candle holder (of somewhat more simplicity) last fall in school. (Good grief, the school year is half over or more already. I am not panicking. Nope, I am not. Not me.)

Ahem! Another little drawing to color. This one, also from the Tiny Tin series, is “A Warm Place for a Nap”. It’s no doubt influenced by EMG’s Sketchfest and Inktober prompts, although I don’t recall a particular prompt for this. It would be fun to do this bigger in watercolor someday, but I’ve got 2 or 3 or 300 other projects first…

I would love to see what you do with this! If you post it online, please link back to my patreon at .

I’m getting better at this scanning and processing thing, although I’d still like to learn more about how to make spiffy digital smoothness from sometimes-jittery-handed ink on paper.

Your feedback is always welcome, and Thank you!