Hello dear ones! I am Going On Vacation! Really.

I know, I’m having trouble believing it also. This is especially true since the flight we have booked is… well the pilots are on strike so…we might not actually go where we’re planning. Not the country, not the island, not the boat. But I will be going SOMEWHERE by gum!

So this, plus being a little behind on making (or really, finishing) things for you all means that I’m going to pause the patreon through the month of August. That means no one will be billed in August, and I’m not going to worry about posting art or mailing nifty things or how best to ink a drawing for a few weeks.

I will still get sketches, coloring sheets, and mystery mail done —everything I committed to through July—but this means a little extra time to do it in a lot less stress.


Wishing you all the cool drinks you love and sightings of very silly critters in hats.


Illustration by Kir Talmage of Carolina Wren with one foot resting on a green suitcase. Dark blue background. Suitcase has stickers implying Eiffel Tower and London Underground, and is about two-fifths the height of the wren.

p.s. the original wren is about 2″ tall which is why you can so easily see all the weird details of the colored pencil here. It’s one of the early drawings in my “Critters Lugging Stuff Around” sorta-series for which I have about 100 ideas and maybe 5-10 made. Which is fine; they are just for fun!