Sketchbook // It’s a Kite Day!

Actually, I don’t know if it is a kite day today when you read this and it was too chilly when I sketched this but hey, kites are awesome and fun, so it maybe should be a kite day and why are you inside, anyway?

This is what my sketches often look like for the Tiny Tin series. I’m so pleased so far! I’ve sketched up through the 40s of a goal of about 52 and a few sketches. About half maybe have ink lines, and if you are one of the Coloring Goodness patrons, you get to see some of these and color them!

Did I already tell you what I’ll be doing with all these sketches when they’re done? If not, what are your guesses? (Or…what would you like me to do with them?)

Also, I feel really pleased about how this Tiny Tin Series project is going. My nebulous “theme” for 2018 is “consistent, persistent, complete” — I’m really working on some stick-to-it-iveness personal habits, primarily with art. That’s a challenge by itself, but it’s also I hope giving me some training to develop those habits/traits for other aspects in life. (I keep thinking, “what, still, at my age?” but true enough, yes, still, at my age. Growth is available whenever you can get to it, I guess.)

dragon, kite, sketchbook, tiny tin series, windy