Mystery Mail for May (late but with love)

All packed up… ready for the post office. And soon, I will flip those black things over and show you the other side.

Silly side note: I made some stickers (you may have guessed this from my May 16th post)!  Not psyched about quality—I guess I like my stickers more glossy. Though the Avery sticker paper is nice. So still seeking useful alternatives… there’s a local company or two that I need to check out, and one in Arizona that I have some samples from…  In the meantime, I like using them for the backs of packages.

Other bonus / how patronage and mystery mail is an excuse for getting things done: I made tags for small packages! Both this month’s items and April’s charms—much the same art into different objects—can be packaged up and tagged now. Price points are a mystery to me. Etsy’s raising fees (and doing other stuff that makes me grumble; it may make good financial sense for Etsy but not for its original maker base). But I’m slowly making myself ready for a craft fair, anyway…. and I have another side idea… anyway, that’s all me blathering and digressing.

As always, if there’s a drawing or painting you like that you want on a thing, let me know and maybe I can make it happen!

Now back to scheduling music lessons and summer for kids (school just let out!) and paying bills and ..sigh…doing some billing. I know, i know! So useful.