Inktober 4: Beastie and map

For Inktober prompt 5: map.

Still trying painting with ink. Lordy I have so much to learn. Fun! SLOW. Not as slow as watercolor.

Working on 2 at the same time helps me make progress smoothly.

Am I treating this too delicately? Layering dilute ink is lovely. But I want to try less-diluted ink and see how that goes. (This scares me!) Be bold!

Someone once told me to make sure the underlying drawing was solid (excellent advice). What I really don’t have a feel for is shadows and the colors of shadows. Well, that’s what I notice. You all may have more suggestions, specific or general. Your ideas are always welcome!

Photo might be a little light/luminous—ah, lighting. (One ring lamp and one daylight bulb on a rainy day…)