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There are many online print-on-demand options. I’ve got my art at several. They all have different ways to customize and manage: RedBubble has limited scope but a very efficient interface. Cafepress and Zazzle both have gazillions of products; Cafepress has a better set up for bulk editing and Zazzle has better individual-item editing when you first make it (but you can’t really change the item after it’s posted for sale). deviantArt has lovely matte-finished prints, and the Etsy shop is printing I arrange for locally (plus a few originals). Please browse and enjoy. I hope to enable shopping here at metasilk, but that’s a little ways in my future.

Earlier, I’d embedded preview of a few shops below—before I started creating new shops for different collections of art. So those are still here: CafePress, Zazzle, and deviantArt (these links just jump you down this page). If you have a favorite printer that I’m not using, let me know.

Whimsical Dreams at Cafepress (go there)

Whimsical Dreams at Zazzle (go there)

studio metasilk at deviantArt (go there)

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