Stepping stones

Most of the time, I scribble around, but once in a while something about the flow of a sketch really works—at least, it works for me. This may have nothing to do with any technique or skill or whatever—it’s just at that moment, the idea in my head worked out onto paper (usually) in the, or a, right way.  And even as I learn more, about how to make the stuff in my head look better, be better, the sketch holds for me that sense of rightness in time and memory.

I suppose that makes no sense to anyone but me. I keep trying to level up my skills (and sometimes do so). I see art and illustration that holds the nebulous qualities I want to be able to make—flow and precision and depth of line or ink or paint—that’s what those shout-outs are for! So those sketches that turn out right in their own moment—maybe those are some how the stepping stones to where I’m going, even if I can’t explain why. Even if it’s not clear to others. Even if I can later get clear and useful critiques and recognize their truth and usefulness. Even with all that, there’s a little click in some of the sketches that stays with me.

The more drawings and sketches I make, the more stepping stones I can walk on.

p.s. this isn’t about Inktober (which I love) ; it’s what I wrote about a coloring page drawing but it sort of seems to fit better in its own post. More art soon, though, because honestly, it IS Inktober. I’ve got some Inktober stuff over on Instagram already—I’ll get some more here soon!