Natter // busy with travel, work

Thinking of you all! It’s a busy couple of weeks but I hope to get my packages in the mail anyway.

I went to a reunion last weekend – conversation, friendship, games! So refreshing. (I got to see two of you Patrons there too, yay!!) There’s a family wedding coming right up. Trying to coordinate summer camps and music lessons, cataract surgery (me), braces (biggerKid), two new web things (one tiny, both tricky to schedule because I’m me…), finish two older ones, do some billing…

I did get in more ink lines on the Tiny Tin series, but am not working on anything for #Junicorn (probably sensible!) I meant of course to sketch places and people…and didn’t. There were some beautiful trees and gardens I wish I’d tried painting. Maybe from memory- such fairy house potential!

When I travel I always bring more art supplies and intentions than I ever use *laugh*. Do you do that kind of thing too?