More cards + gratitude

I’m feeling super grateful this week, because shortly after I’d posted the picture of lots of cards, someone ordered some!

So not only am I just everso tickled that someone likes my art (that never gets old!), and I’ve earned a bit of money, but I also wound up learning more about papers and printing. (I see an opportunity for someone with more experience to run a tutorial… if such isn’t already on YouTube or Craftsy or Skillswap!)

There are some great papers out there and I can’t wait to try some!

Questions for you all then:

* what is your favorite paper/printer combo for cards and why?

* should I put cards in my Etsy shop? Which drawings or paintings do you think others would like?

* what’s too much money for a card? What’s too little?

Other comments welcome!

(Memo to self: you really need better lighting and should probably quit using the iThing for indoor photos…)