Coloring Goodness // Ellen’s Hidden Treasure

The story behind this:
Once upon a time, there was a friendly, small online space that encourages us to draw this and that, based on others’ ideas. Once upon a time, I filled pages of my sketchbook with scribbly penciled ideas that sometimes made me happy. Like this one.

In this now, I’m trying different brushes on an iPad, with procreate, working to find a consistent style for coloring pages.

And in this one, these things came together for me. And, I hope, for you!

(Note: as of this writing, the downloads are still only available at Patreon. I will find out how to make them available here too, still using your patreon login, so you won’t have to got to more than one place. )

And now I am caught up again!

line drawing of rabbit head, base of tree, and top of a wooden treasure chest, by Kir Talmage. Four colored pencils are partially seen overlaying the image.