too many hyphenated habits

It may be obvious from recent posts that I have allowed myself to fall into a particular Pit of Distraction. This one contains doing art and the vague-high-timecost-low-return-but-then-i-tjust-goes-by-itself temptation of putting art on Things-People-Can-Buy. It’s a joyful pit, but a pit nonetheless. It’s a great pit to be in when no one else is depending on me. This was not really one of those period of times, though.

In the meantime, I do with too little sleep, too little sweetie time, much too little billable time (compounded by the crash-and-loss of my old and creaky laptop-used-mostly-for-billing-and-surfing, so I haven’t been able to actually bill either) (this also means Behind-Again-On-Getting-Work-Done).

They say being self-employed requires, more than anything, exemplary self-discipline. I still am not there, or I would’ve climbed out of that pit a bit sooner (like, say, Wednesday. Or better yet, two weeks ago Wednesday).

Anyway, just an update. It all sounds quite normal for me, doesn’t it?

A silly, sparse version of To-Do:
Bird news • Revisions for ReVisions • Colors for the Yarn Co • Where are the Herps Online • Organization for Offices and the Funds they Work With • Glow in the Dark Paint and Funky Metal Attachments

But first, feed the pre-schoolers their late lunch. (Cider doughnuts and milk make a great late-morning snack for many reasons!)

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