Reading: Inward clarity, but work at it (I think)

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These days, I'm not much for spiritual and/or religious stuff. I suppose I have little faith in the nonmeasurable. Or I think I do.

That said, I very much like to to do a card reading (Tarot and/or other) each New Year. For focus, even if I forget it all by February (yep. has happened). This year, I did a 4-card layout with closed-eye cutting of four decks:

North: Froud's and MacBeth's Faerie Oracle Deck: Honesty
East: Bestiary Deck: Kyoht's Aye-Aye (6 of diamonds)
South: Goddess Deck: Contemplation / Chang O
West: Rider-Waite: High Priestess

Well now. I take away from this that inner clarity is possible, likely, but still have to work for it. Still, possible! A good thing.

Tsunami ACEO ATC

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“Tsunami” is the fifth in a series of various weatherwomen. (“Snowstorm” is the first)

Painted with Winsor and Newton watercolors and iridescent medium on an Arches hotpress ACEO blank from Ellen Million Graphics.

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage. Prints and cards through deviantArt and Storm Women Dancing. Small ones.

Fireheart Dancing (ACEO ATC)

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Watercolors (some are iridescent, but that doesn’t show in the scan) on Bristol paper. I am in love with the colors in the original, although I didn’t realize what I’d done with her hands until too late.

My son says this is upside-down. What do you think?

Learned something about my scanner, too: dark things like this scan quite nicely.

Prints through deviantArt at the moment; more likely. Small ones. Original going to a friend.



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“Воина на березах” might be the Russian for “warrior (fem.) for the birches”. Hm…

I liked this prompt, and I liked not doing a cheesecake sort of pose.

Soft pencil, sketchbook, some tinting in color pencil, a fair bit of scanner burn, sorta corrected (mostly by more cropping that I’d’ve liked). I can see this in my head in watercolor. Not sure I have time and patience both to get there. Lots of unfinished art thumping around my head at the moment. I think she needs embroidery.

The prompt was Anthropomorphic female Tiger warrior, prompted by: Edward Cammarota, during Sketch Fest #32 (January, 2013)


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I sketched out a bunch of ACEO ideas oh, far too long ago. Been working them out of the sketchbook onto cards. This one I threw onto gear too. Probably printing way too big, huh? I am so going to have to come up with a better image to wrap around the teapot, though; it might be my new favorite cafepress item.

By the way, there's a sale on for a day or so.

“Birthday Dancer”

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"Birthday Dancer" copyright © 2008 Kirsten Talmage
Birthday Dancer

Another birthday illustration that never made it to the birthday…

Watercolors and ink on sketch paper — the thing about it is I keep working on paper that’s too small. It’s not that I intend that the illustration be too big for the paper, see, it just keeps happening.

I’ve gotta sketch in the sketchbook and move to using the projector or something. It’s was more fun painting on heavier paper (bristol or cold press are working for me these days).

Anyway, I like stuff about this, and am not so impressed with other stuff, and maybe this’ll be the root for something better someday. I have this idea, see, and a projector, and it’s already sketched out, but if it were bigger I could do this other stuff, see…