Reading: Inward clarity, but work at it (I think)

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These days, I'm not much for spiritual and/or religious stuff. I suppose I have little faith in the nonmeasurable. Or I think I do.

That said, I very much like to to do a card reading (Tarot and/or other) each New Year. For focus, even if I forget it all by February (yep. has happened). This year, I did a 4-card layout with closed-eye cutting of four decks:

North: Froud's and MacBeth's Faerie Oracle Deck: Honesty
East: Bestiary Deck: Kyoht's Aye-Aye (6 of diamonds)
South: Goddess Deck: Contemplation / Chang O
West: Rider-Waite: High Priestess

Well now. I take away from this that inner clarity is possible, likely, but still have to work for it. Still, possible! A good thing.

Transmogrification Ink

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For Sketchfest #39,, prompt “Mermaid Witch“.

Trying to work out an idea in my head… Not quite it. The warped bubbling framing is ok; the witch’s face not so much… Need fish and lighting reference. Also needs more soft pencils but no more time in Sketchfest! 🙂

Why yes, this is a crappy iPhone photo. It’ll get updated as soon as I get access to a decent scanner.

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Tsunami ACEO ATC

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“Tsunami” is the fifth in a series of various weatherwomen. (“Snowstorm” is the first)

Painted with Winsor and Newton watercolors and iridescent medium on an Arches hotpress ACEO blank from Ellen Million Graphics.

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage. Prints and cards through deviantArt and Storm Women Dancing. Small ones.