returning to the spiral: new year 2016

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I’ve been inspired recently. Ellen Million and Alia Thabit are especially inspiring today, but last year there were many women that said or did something that made me go, “hey I could…” Or “I want to try…”

In 2016, I am resolving to act on some of those feelings of rendowed adventure- purpose. That means, today:

  • honoring my teachers here/in my blog(s) — they do not all know they are my teachers!
  • practicing / developing the practice — in the sense of getting better at and improving  habits — in several facets of my life (because they are interwoven: art, work, artwork, home, family, self, reflection, play)
  • setting smaller but clearer goals — clearer both in my definition of them to me and in having them have context, be part of a larger goal/plan.

I find this scary. And I haven’t even done much of it yet!

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