returning to the spiral: new year 2016

I’ve been inspired recently. Ellen Million and Alia Thabit are especially inspiring today, but last year there were many women that said or did something that made me go, “hey I could…” Or “I want to try…”

In 2016, I am resolving to act on some of those feelings of rendowed adventure- purpose. That means, today:

  • honoring my teachers here/in my blog(s) — they do not all know they are my teachers!
  • practicing / developing the practice — in the sense of getting better at and improving  habits — in several facets of my life (because they are interwoven: art, work, artwork, home, family, self, reflection, play)
  • setting smaller but clearer goals — clearer both in my definition of them to me and in having them have context, be part of a larger goal/plan.

I find this scary. And I haven’t even done much of it yet!

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