too many hyphenated habits

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It may be obvious from recent posts that I have allowed myself to fall into a particular Pit of Distraction. This one contains doing art and the vague-high-timecost-low-return-but-then-i-tjust-goes-by-itself temptation of putting art on Things-People-Can-Buy. It’s a joyful pit, but a pit nonetheless. It’s a great pit to be in when no one else is depending on me. This was not really one of those period of times, though.

In the meantime, I do with too little sleep, too little sweetie time, much too little billable time (compounded by the crash-and-loss of my old and creaky laptop-used-mostly-for-billing-and-surfing, so I haven’t been able to actually bill either) (this also means Behind-Again-On-Getting-Work-Done).

They say being self-employed requires, more than anything, exemplary self-discipline. I still am not there, or I would’ve climbed out of that pit a bit sooner (like, say, Wednesday. Or better yet, two weeks ago Wednesday).

Anyway, just an update. It all sounds quite normal for me, doesn’t it?

A silly, sparse version of To-Do:
Bird news • Revisions for ReVisions • Colors for the Yarn Co • Where are the Herps Online • Organization for Offices and the Funds they Work With • Glow in the Dark Paint and Funky Metal Attachments

But first, feed the pre-schoolers their late lunch. (Cider doughnuts and milk make a great late-morning snack for many reasons!)

Jon Henry’s Bass ACEO

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Hmmm. The scanner over-exposes it. The camera underexposes it and I can’t fix that in Photoshop… Hrm. Well, as is until I get brilliant and fix it–somehow!

Jon Henry is the bassist for Banjo Dan and the Mid-nite Plowboys. I sketched this ACEO while waiting for the band to come onstage. (So maybe I should say “was”). Really terrific bluegrass and I highly recommend them—CDs and mp3s are still available I’m sure.

That’s a microphone stand in front and the bass appeared to be wired, though I was sitting in Row O so I couldn’t be totally sure.



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I sketched out a bunch of ACEO ideas oh, far too long ago. Been working them out of the sketchbook onto cards. This one I threw onto gear too. Probably printing way too big, huh? I am so going to have to come up with a better image to wrap around the teapot, though; it might be my new favorite cafepress item.

By the way, there's a sale on for a day or so.

Moon Dragon (watercolor & ink)

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One of a pair. (The other doesn’t scan well so it’s not up yet). Drawn in 2007 or 2008, I forget, inked in 2008 — don’t remember when I started painting it. Did only the trees on both and then they sat for a long, long, long time…. finally a fit of persistence happened (yay!) and I finished them.

This long delay was bad for the paper where the painters tape held it flat on the board. So the edges of the paper are roughed up.

The scanner was so happy with the blues that it forgot to do the greens or something. The small image is the actual painting; I cleaned up the white boarder and some overruns for a printable version.

The painted area is about 3″ across and 7″ tall (very roughly; ask me later and I might measure it). The paper I think is 6″ x 9″ or something.

ADVICE WANTED: Please critique! (Every work is mulch for the next ones 🙂

My own questions are: What color(s) should the dragon have been to stand out best? Is the faint glow where I tried lifting some of the blue helpful?

Should I have softened the stars differently or more?

How about the shadows? More? Where aren’t they right?


I will sell them both but I have to get the other up and figure things out too. Lots I’d like to sell… anyway, that’s time consuming too (Prints up at deviantArt though because they make it very simple). Back to chores and kid care now.

Star Geese (WIP)

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I did a fast pencil-and-paint sketch on totally the wrong paper for Sketchfest today. (Thank goodness for work breaks!). You can click the pic to see it bigger. The prompt was “it’s full of stars” and this is so much a WIP that it doesn’t even really express what I was seeing in my head. I don’t even know how to do what’s in my head. Nor do I really know where the geese go on the paper. But it tickles my brain!

I’m happy with the wings. The advantage of working in a Bird museum with a small library is lots of handy reference material. My bird-body clue is coming along nicely. Anyway, I hope to make something based on this. In meantime, a sketch, and happy to have it! More random nattering about how it’s made over at Sketchfest proper, if you’re curious.


Coffee, coffee, everywhere and not a drop to drink

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I did another sketch for Sketchfest. Didn't post it because I wanted to turn it into finish work (well, it was also excessively late at night…). But lo! I did!

I sketched in pencil and micron pen, scanned that, printed it on watercolor paper, and painted it. That was fun! But me tell you, getting a digital file of this was a BEAR. This is the whole thing, but prints might be cropped versions. Yes prints, but not yet, I have some stuff to do right now.


a gift for the hostess

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What I did for sketchfest (instead of sleeping)

4B and 7B pencils on 65 lb Canson sketch paper. Paper is about 5.5" x 8.5 but the drawing doesn't fill it, more 5.5" x 5.5" roughly. I expect I'll upload copies elsewhere and make prints of one kind or another (possibly of a digitally-cleaned-up version…). These two amuse me.

“Not Far From Eldamar”

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Ink sketch of an Island (Micron pens on 60lb Caslon sketch paper).

Need more sky info…? There *could* be clouds of some sort… air currents hard to do in B&W like this? Ditto mist…. actually, I could lightly dot the background for mist… ( would be so proud of me if I did, no doubt!)

May print lightly on watercolor and tint that, which would clarify the sky. And be kind of nifty. This paper is probably too lightweight for tints unless I did colored pencil.


As always, your thoughts most very welcome!

“Wren Voyage”

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Another colored pencil on mat board, 6cm x 6cm.

Part of the once-hypothetical “Critters Lugging Stuff Around” series.

Possibly not quite done, now I see it larger onscreen after the scan. Something about the bottom of the suitcase and the contrast by the suitcase handle.

Hmm. Well, if I update this, I’ll note so here. If I remember!

On stuff in my deviantArt prints so far. Maybe more later.

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