…originals too…

I will sell art. Some is already sold. Ask me!

The easiest way is to email me and say, “I like this one! Is it for sale? How much?”

The quick pricing ballpark:
ACEO original? They run $15-$30 or so.
Smaller than an iPad mini? Probably less than $100.
Took me a long, long time? Probably more.
Quick sketch, like I did for Sketchfest? Anywhere from $10-$70, depending on how much I’ll miss it. But buy those from Sketchfest directly; I get less but supporting the site is great!
Bigger than your desk? I probably haven’t made that since 1991 and it’s attached to my Mom’s house.

I won’t ship it framed (that’s up to you) unless it’s a glass-less shadowbox.
If I get ’round to it, I sometimes put originals on Etsy (see below or the sidebar). I also do ACEO prints there, as the other print-on-demand sites I use don’t do little prints.

Also, I will do commissions. I will do books. But those can be Serious Projects, so we better organize them first and make sure there’s time to do ’em. They usually require a deposit or (if a book) a contract. I’m game if you are!

You can find more prints-and-other-stuff at my cafepress, zazzle, redbubble, and deviantArt shops.

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