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“Воина на березах” might be the Russian for “warrior (fem.) for the birches”. Hm…

I liked this prompt, and I liked not doing a cheesecake sort of pose.

Soft pencil, sketchbook, some tinting in color pencil, a fair bit of scanner burn, sorta corrected (mostly by more cropping that I’d’ve liked). I can see this in my head in watercolor. Not sure I have time and patience both to get there. Lots of unfinished art thumping around my head at the moment. I think she needs embroidery.

The prompt was Anthropomorphic female Tiger warrior, prompted by: Edward Cammarota, during Sketch Fest #32 (January, 2013)

Not the Grinch (WIP)

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Ink and watercolor pencil on cheap watercolor paper. I digitally darkened him down a bit. Questions:

* Should I apply water to the colored pencil? It tends to smooth and saturate the coors (good) but I have a heck of a lot of blending of colors (and two brands of watercolor pencil, Staedler & Faber-Castell).

* What background? Cut him out and make a collage on some abstract-but-with-perspective print pattern? Figure out how to put in a snowy village? Help!

* Should there be a trail of presents? Where and how to lay those out?

Done more or less for Sketchfest and might become one of our holiday cards.

Art for your very own!

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I’m selling originals! Lucky for most of us, they’re often small.

Here’s how to get one:

Browse the gallery (the deviantArt one is most complete), find something you like (I’ll note there if it’s been sold or given away already), and make an offer. Direct email is best (kir@metasilk.com). If I’ve already listed it somewhere, we may have to go through them (say, if there’s already a bid on it). Otherwise, let’s talk (or email).


Find a listing in my Etsy shop and buy it there. Here’s the shop link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioMetasilk


Bid on an eBay listing. Here’s my eBay list: http://www.ebay.com/sch/elksdotter/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 (I know, ugly URL. Oh well, it works! )

Commissions are possible too (of course). I might even be able to do something small before Christmas. Let’s talk!

Critters Lugging Stuff Around 4: Ill-gotten Gains? (Raccoon and Probable Pearls)

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"Sure hope these are real pearls. Why did I take the ornament? Oh well! Almost there!"

Colored pencil on mat board. I'm starting to get the hang of this!

(Although still not so much the scanning: despite attempting to adjust scan colors with Photoshop, the original is a more lively sage surface. I suppose the LCD computer screen and multiple yellow-tinted curly fluorescent bulbs aren't helping…)


Six-spotted Micro-witch (with broom)

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So I had a tiny scrap of matboard. Well, small anyway — about 1 inch across and 1.5 inches tall. Roughly.

Well, colored pencils aren’t the tool with the finest resolution but hey.

I think I’ll put this on stamps. I scanned it at 600 dpi, so I can print it …but honestly, it would look ridiculous on anything larger! Really!


Critters Lugging Stuff Around 1: Birthday Puffin

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OK, I suppose this is part of the Critters series. And it’s certainly before the Mouse & the Wren, but I guess that’ll make the original idea Critter #0? Well, hard to say, since I’ve not actually finished that piece.

Oh, this one? This was a quick happy illustration with Crayola colored pencil on ordinary printer paper, mounted to green construction paper (I think) for my sister’s birthday card last year. Why yes, it was a little bit last minute and I was babysitting, why do you ask? **chuckle**

It’s probably not worth trying to print it on anything really since my photo of it was dim and the scan was overexposed, and I have yet to figure out how to balance those two things. The paper is either too gray to the sky and light blue shading vanishes. I think I need more clue on digitizing… Oh well!


too many hyphenated habits

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It may be obvious from recent posts that I have allowed myself to fall into a particular Pit of Distraction. This one contains doing art and the vague-high-timecost-low-return-but-then-i-tjust-goes-by-itself temptation of putting art on Things-People-Can-Buy. It’s a joyful pit, but a pit nonetheless. It’s a great pit to be in when no one else is depending on me. This was not really one of those period of times, though.

In the meantime, I do with too little sleep, too little sweetie time, much too little billable time (compounded by the crash-and-loss of my old and creaky laptop-used-mostly-for-billing-and-surfing, so I haven’t been able to actually bill either) (this also means Behind-Again-On-Getting-Work-Done).

They say being self-employed requires, more than anything, exemplary self-discipline. I still am not there, or I would’ve climbed out of that pit a bit sooner (like, say, Wednesday. Or better yet, two weeks ago Wednesday).

Anyway, just an update. It all sounds quite normal for me, doesn’t it?

A silly, sparse version of To-Do:
Bird news • Revisions for ReVisions • Colors for the Yarn Co • Where are the Herps Online • Organization for Offices and the Funds they Work With • Glow in the Dark Paint and Funky Metal Attachments

But first, feed the pre-schoolers their late lunch. (Cider doughnuts and milk make a great late-morning snack for many reasons!)

Jon Henry’s Bass ACEO

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Hmmm. The scanner over-exposes it. The camera underexposes it and I can’t fix that in Photoshop… Hrm. Well, as is until I get brilliant and fix it–somehow!

Jon Henry is the bassist for Banjo Dan and the Mid-nite Plowboys. I sketched this ACEO while waiting for the band to come onstage. (So maybe I should say “was”). Really terrific bluegrass and I highly recommend them—CDs and mp3s are still available I’m sure.

That’s a microphone stand in front and the bass appeared to be wired, though I was sitting in Row O so I couldn’t be totally sure.



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I sketched out a bunch of ACEO ideas oh, far too long ago. Been working them out of the sketchbook onto cards. This one I threw onto gear too. Probably printing way too big, huh? I am so going to have to come up with a better image to wrap around the teapot, though; it might be my new favorite cafepress item.

By the way, there's a sale on for a day or so.

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