I did make this (Little Mouse, Big Habit)

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…before Sketchfest. And you probably already saw it. But hey.  Even small rodents can have obsessions. Perhaps this one is working towards a Big Year!

Graphite on smooth piccadilly paper, about 4″ x 7 ” (I didn’t measure it).

I actually scanned this and tweaked it a bit but it was the GodAwful Scanner Of Doom, so …

Insanely optimistic as well, I put it on Stuff at metasilk prints plus at deviantArt, at metasilk at RedBubble, Critters with Gear Zazzle, and Critters with Gear CafePress. Not society6, though, I guess because I am thinking that’s for watercolors. (Like redbuble is sketches maybe with a touch of color.)

If you notice something looks odd on one of those items, do please tell me so I can fix it! It’s entirely likely…

gifts in time

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My sisters and mom pooled together and sent me (with one of the sisters; another lives near there) to Kripalu. Lovely. (I did miss Sketchfest, which is sad, but I was offline, which is nearly unheard of for me, and thus surprisingly helpful.) The detox session was too basic for where I am so far; the yoga varied from easy/restful to wow! glory!; the mini-intro to mediation techniques was just what I needed. And two walks in the snow with 2 sisters and 1 dog. Plus I read 1 whole book (A Boy and A Bear in a Boat), almost finished another (The Unreal and the Real, vol. 1), and the first part of Inside of a Dog. And a massage, with extra help for my hip-that-feels-like-it-has-shinsplits. Plus really superbly yummy food and good conversations.

And yet somehow none of that intense richness felt rushed.

Am back. Now wrestling with SSL, hosting, access to domains. Projects/tasks also on the plate: the sortable tables, the twice-delayed branding, the completion of a set of pages (which may or may not need design changes), the far too overdue new-design/rebuild, the large pile of data entry, my own bookkeeping, membership renewals/datakeeping, Fledgling program planning, and various small changes and additions (several other sites). Not counting the site I had to turn down but did not want to turn down. Or the hour-and-half I donated to a silent auction, which, in fact, was bid on and now I must find a mutually compatible meeting time. Also family to play with and care for. Art show at a coffee shop in a week or so. And more trips coming.

This is a little bit of a contrast, all in all.