how do you know who did it?

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Am in some process of conversing with CafePress about including the names of designers/artists when they feed listings to Amazon.
On the one hand, it’s cool to have more listings (example: the Dragon Reader / Ex Libris design) . On the other, I’d like my name attached to my art.
Will post here when I have a chance; have the first two up in facebook:
A couple more replies have occurred of the “we’ll look into it” sort, but in very nice ways.

Knighting the Wood Duck (draft sketch)

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For Sketchfest #32: Prompt: Swamp “mer”maid from Anke Wehner

Crayola watercolor on smooth Canson sketchpaper. I know, I know! Thus the sketch! part. 🙂 … oh, and then photographed under bad fluorescent lighting and minimally adjusted in Photoshop. Could that be any worse?? Muses, I tell ya.

I hope I can find time to do this on some real water color paper with somewhat better paints. It’s about 6 x 6.5 inches I think. References are Vermont swamps and typical inhabitants. More or less.


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“Воина на березах” might be the Russian for “warrior (fem.) for the birches”. Hm…

I liked this prompt, and I liked not doing a cheesecake sort of pose.

Soft pencil, sketchbook, some tinting in color pencil, a fair bit of scanner burn, sorta corrected (mostly by more cropping that I’d’ve liked). I can see this in my head in watercolor. Not sure I have time and patience both to get there. Lots of unfinished art thumping around my head at the moment. I think she needs embroidery.

The prompt was Anthropomorphic female Tiger warrior, prompted by: Edward Cammarota, during Sketch Fest #32 (January, 2013)