Coffee, coffee, everywhere and not a drop to drink

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I did another sketch for Sketchfest. Didn't post it because I wanted to turn it into finish work (well, it was also excessively late at night…). But lo! I did!

I sketched in pencil and micron pen, scanned that, printed it on watercolor paper, and painted it. That was fun! But me tell you, getting a digital file of this was a BEAR. This is the whole thing, but prints might be cropped versions. Yes prints, but not yet, I have some stuff to do right now.


“Whoooo R U ???” (aka “Owl with iMouse”)

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What I did for Sketchfest

Just a #2 pencil on Canson 65lb sketch paper. Turns out, this is also #8 of the Critters Lugging Stuff Around. But it’s not done; this is just the sketch. It’s now in the long line of “things to transfer to painting paper and then paint”. Ah well!